Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Cell phones which uses SIM cards often comes locked to that particular service provider who happens to supply the phone for a cheaper rate that want is available in retail market. It ensure that the phone is used only for that particular service, the provider locks the cell phone which is a particular software code. Hence, a locked phone can only recognize a SIM card of the particular service provider who happen to supply the phone.

To recognize other SIM card from a different provider, the cell phone should be unlocked. Most of the time, subscribers who happen to buy the phones either attracted to the discounted price tag of the phone or for the service feels unable to change their provider as the phone will not recognize other provider SIM. Many cell phone service provider do unlock the phone after a stipulated period of time.

The only way to get a phone without lock is either to buy a phone originally from the cell phone retail market without any discount or to buy an unlocked phones which are available in the market. The other way is to get your phone unlocked from a technician. Contacting your service provider company representative for unlocking the phone, if you have a valid reason to do so like going out of country for a brief period of time. Representatives of other companies might also help you in getting your phone unlocked, if you want to go with their service.

Though consulting a professional in person would be the best option to unlock your cell phone, there are many professionals advising and actually guiding you step by step though different forums online to get you phone unlocked. Remember that every phone and every model has different mode of unlocking phone, some are easier to unlock mostly the older models and some are a little bit complicated. But there are many experts available in tech forums who would like to help you if you want your mobile cell phone unlocked.

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