Sunday, August 24, 2008


Attracting wealth is one of the well written subjects. You can find a lot of written material about attracting wealth both online and off line. There are many exercises given in books which emphasize the importance of becoming wealth conscious to attract wealth. Almost every time you try to do some of those exercises of wealth consciousness you will find a lot of resistance from within opposing the thoughts of wealth consciousness. This resistant most often wins and you stop doing these exercises accepting defeat.

This defeat results in you accepting your old way of living a life lack of wealth consciousness. This continues till you find another wonderful book which teaches attracting wealth using law of attraction. Most often, people buy these books due to the belief they already posses about the authenticity of law of attraction because of the incidents in their lives. You believe that having wealth consciousness is only way to attract wealth because you have indeed attract wealth at some point of time in your life. Your quest is to have a life with a continued consciousness of wealth. With all your honesty, you try and try again to succeed in doing the exercises of wealth consciousness and succeed in attracting wealth.....and of course fail due to the resistant from within which you fail to tackle first before starting the wealth exercises themselves.

You have to prepare yourself by scrutinizing the beliefs you have about money and wealth deeply. If you find your beliefs are resisting attraction then you have to either change your beliefs or erase them completely. Meditation is an effective tool prepare yourself to attract wealth. Any type of meditation which you are comfortable will help you in preparing yourself in attracting wealth. How meditation works here is like this; meditation gives you the ability and habit of watching your thoughts. Through meditation you become aware that it is your body and not your mind which feels the emotions both subtle and gross.

You have to start watching your emotions and the reaction of your body to the thoughts of wealth and money. Many people feel pressure and pain in the tips of the fingers when they are sad. For some sadness manifests itself as pain in the jaws. If thoughts of wealth is creating some type of uneasiness in your body, then it is necessary to change your beliefs about attracting wealth. With this knowledge about the deeply ingrained beliefs about wealth and money sending uneasy sensations to your body, you can start wealth attraction exercises. There will a lot of resistance from your system due to the strong beliefs against wealth and money right from your childhood. Try to change these beliefs by thinking positively about wealth and money. Remember money is just a part of wealth. Wealth is the consciousness which makes you comfortable without the fear of unknown. When you replaced all your negative beliefs about wealth and money you will succeed in exercises of wealth attraction.


I have written this article a couple of years back. All these months, I have watched the way wealth is attracted or repelled by me and my belief in the laws of attraction of wealth grew stronger.

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