Monday, May 5, 2008

How to Overcome Inferiority Complex

Inferior complex is one of the psychological diseases and limits mental, spiritual, and financial success. When it is severe, feeling inferior to someone richer, smarter, skillful, taller, shorter, healthy, beautiful, hardworking..........absolutely anyone is the symptom of the people suffering from this disease. Inferiority complex as an emotion is experienced by the body. It gives a very severe unpleasant sensation limiting the experience of joy and beauty in life. It is chronic and when it becomes severe it turns into a conditioned reflex..

People with bigger cars, better clothes, bigger house, even people with the latest mobile set mays you feel inferior. Once this is severe, you will be successful in finding something in every one and feel inferior. This inferiority complex makes you completely blind to anything good in you. It is very rare that you become aware of your plus points and your abilities, knowledge, and intelligence but this insight in you good qualities will be rare as you will be busy looking for reasons to feel inferior, remember it is now a conditioned reflex for you.

Living with inferiority complex is the worst way of living. To make yourself free from feeling inferior, you start trying to achieve big things in life and many times you may succeed also but this will not be useful because you will be ignoring your achievements.

How to get rid of Inferiority Complex?

All diseases which are psychological are ego caused and dealing with your ego is the best possible way to cure inferiority complex also. If you look back you will find that the only situations where you were not suffering from inferiority complex was when you were feeling egoless....when you were playing a game and immersed in it, when you are with your loved ones.....or when you are working with a flow.

In the days of your first love you can remember a sense of egolessness being neither inferior nor superior to anyone......feeling just like emotion that can only felt by your soul. Yes that is the way to live optimally. The inferiority and superiority complexes are just conditioned reflexes, conditioned and impressed on your ego. Love is your true nature, and you don't have to learn or unlearn just have to realize your true nature of love.

Meditate on the days of your first those feeling.....experience those sensations.............say and continue to say "I am love" till your mind accepts and continue this affirmation.....this truth. It may take days and months to succeed and live optimally and have to continue lifelong. This may look simple but it works......Remember love is part of wealth.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Soham,

The article is simply superb. I am also suffering from infiriority complex from a long back, I have been working as a Project Manager in a Big IT firm, losing my opportunities to grew with the complex I have. I am also trying to be egoless for a long time to overcome the complex, thanks for re-assuring me that it is the only to overcome the inferiority. I wish I could overcome this soon. Thanks a lot.


Nair said...

Dear Soham,

i would like ot come out from this feeling.. i am trying to do maximum for dat. but frankly speaking i am not able to overcome it for a great extend. still i am feeling the same. what should i do?

Nair said...

what to do to come out of this feeling?